It all began as an idea...

When lockdown arrived in March 2020 it left partners Steven and Sean furloughed from their jobs with lots of time on their hands. Not ones to idle around, the pair came up with the idea of starting their own business - revolving around the thing they both love... flowers. And just like that Haut. was born.

Using savings and investment from family, they began set up a webshop, created floral products and began as an online retailer for bespoke artificial florals. This allowed Haut. to quickly develop a large following.

From this Sean started formal floristry training whilst Steven opened a retail unit in 2021 before relocating in 2022. However, it was during this period of transition that they both realised the potential for more - with an ever growing waitlist of engaged couples wanting to use their services for their weddings.

It was, in late 2022, Steven and Sean made the drastic decision to close retail premises and move exclusively to a closed studio workshop where they could focus solely on wedding floral work. Since then wedding orders have continued to flourish with Haut. taking wedding bookings right up to 2027!